WoW Model Exporter

Work in progress exporter for World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth.

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  • Exports the following formats to Wavefront .obj:
    • .WMO (World Models)
    • .ADT (Terrain)
      • With up to 16k baked terrain textures
    • .M2 (Models)
      • Simple models only!
      • Use WMV for anything else!
  • Installation of World of Warcraft is optional
  • Very basic previews
  • Source available on GitHub


Many thanks to the following people, without whom this project would not have been possible.


Current version ( (12-12-2018) ( 11-12-2018)

Game version: 8.1.0 only
Known issues:
- No map previews.
- There are crashes when using the glTF format while exporting
- This release has a great amount of changes relating to exporting files, please report any issues!
- Support for 8.1.0
  - Support loading and baking ADT textures by ID
  - Support exporting WMOs by ID
  - ( Support loading local installations using the new folder structure
- Fix DBC reading (restores full map list & filtering)
- Model previews are back, but the online model viewer is still much better
- Hopefully fix issues using online CASC (let me know if online mode fails)
- Export more information (blendMode, shader id used, groundType) for WMO materials for custom importers to use (let me know if imports fail)
- Add R hotkey to reset camera position/rotation for model previews

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The application will show the settings window the first time you start it. Afterwards it is always available through the menu.

Blender plugins

If you want to use the included Blender plugins for importing ADTs/WMOs with additional models at the correct positions, follow these instructions:

  • Go to the Utils\Blender Plugins folder included in the exporter download
  • Copy the io_scene_adt and io_scene_wmo folders to your Blender plugins folder (usually Blender/2.xx/scripts/addons)
  • Open Blender, go to File -> User Preferences
  • Open the Add-ons tab
  • Filter for OBJ in the top left
  • Enable the plugins mentioning ADT OBJ files and WMO OBJ files
  • Press Save User Settings
  • You can now find the ADT OBJ and WMO OBJ file types in the File -> Import menu
  • To import an ADT or WMO, navigate to your export directory and select the .obj file with the same filename as the file you exported.

Thanks, and have fun!