WoW Export Tools

Model, map and sound exporter for World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth.

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  • Exports the following formats to Wavefront .obj:
    • .WMO (World Models)
    • .ADT (Terrain)
      • With up to 16k baked terrain textures
    • .M2 (Models)
      • Simple (non-character/creature) models only!
      • Use WMV for anything else!
    • .OGG/.MP3 (Sounds)
  • Installation of World of Warcraft is optional
  • Very basic previews (use this for better previews)
  • Source available on GitHub


Many thanks to the following people, without whom this project would not have been possible.


Upcoming version ( (xx-09-2019)

Game version: Retail 8.2.5, Classic
Known issues:
- Some sounds won't play in the exporter (which also makes the stop button get stuck)
Many thanks to Kruithne for contributing to this version!

- Sound/music exporting
- New (experimental) Blender plugin that imports much faster than the previous one (import_wowobj in Utils folder)
- Geoset/group selection allowing users to view/export which part of models to view/export
- Optional skipping of WMO doodad exports to improve export and import times
- Direct (from disk) M2/BLP conversion, available in the Tools menu
- Toggle object collision exporting (off by default == no more .phys.obj files)
- Ctrl-C can now be used to copy (multiple) filenames from lists
- Unknown M2/BLPs can now be viewed/exported

Other changes:
- Improved Classic support
- Fix crash on startup after initial setup
- Fix issue where some exported models were missing materials due to spaces in the filenames

Internal changes:
- Remove remaining glTF references
- Refactored many parts of the application to be simpler
- Removed old caching system
- Updated CASCLib
  - Includes 2 new encryption keys
- Updated DBCD
  - Includes fixes for reading partially encrypted DBCs
Coming soon

Experimental version ( (08-09-2019)

Game version: Retail 8.2.0, PTR, Classic
- Initial experimental support for Classic

Current version ( (24-08-2019) ( 02-08-2019) ( 23-07-2019) ( 30-06-2019) ( 27-06-2019) ( 22-06-2019)

Game version: Retail 8.2.0, PTR (8.1.5 not supported, use older version)
Known issues:
- This release has a huge amount of changes across the board, please report any issues! There's bound to be a few!
- No map previews, but the web model viewer does support these
- Classic WMOs/M2s crash/stop the exporting process
Major changes
- Renamed application to WoW Export Tools
- Rework exports to support 8.2 changes (filenames for game content are as good as gone)
- Disabled glTF exporting

Changes by Kruithne:
- Implemented splash screen
- Change application icon to a cog
- Persistent filters between tabs
- Reset camera when changing model
- Add left/right arrow key strafing to model preview
- Matched movement speed of foward/backwares with other movements
- Better default model in preview
- Add foliage toggle
- ADT exporting calculation improvements

Changes by izzyus:
- Improve normals on exported M2/WMO models

Other additions/improvements:
- Sped up loading of the map window
- Output more files with filenames if available in listfile
- Improved performance/stability of ADT texture baking
- Non-transparent materials no longer output transparent textures
- Export additional WMO materials

Other fixes:
- ( Fix Blender 2.8 ADT imports
- ( Fix naming issue with map names that have spaces
- ( Fix issue export unnamed WMOs
- ( Fix issue loading WMOs with skyboxes
- ( Fix some larger WMO exports crashing
- ( Fix texture exports for 8.2
- Hopefully fixed issues with ADT chunk borders having gaps (causing lines in terrain)
- Fix Blender 2.8 ADT plugin crashing
- Fix DBC reading (again), should fix newer maps not showing up

Internal changes:
- Move exporter into its own GitHub repository
- Switch to .NET Framework 4.8
- Switch to separated libraries/packages
- Update CASCLib, DBCD and WoWFormatLib

Toggle old versions



The application will show the settings window the first time you start it. Afterwards it is always available through the menu.

Blender plugins

If you want to use the included Blender plugins for importing ADTs/WMOs with additional models at the correct positions, follow these instructions:

  • Go to the Utils\Blender Plugins folder included in the exporter download
  • Copy the io_scene_adt, io_scene_wmo and io_scene_wowobj folders to your Blender plugins folder (usually Blender/2.xx/scripts/addons)
  • Open Blender, go to File -> User Preferences
  • Open the Add-ons tab
  • Filter for OBJ in the top left
  • Enable the plugins
  • Press Save User Settings
  • You can now find the ADT OBJ and WMO OBJ file types in the File -> Import menu
    (Experimental: If you want faster ADT/WMO imports, use the File -> Import WoWOBJ option instead)
  • To import an ADT or WMO, navigate to your export directory and select the .obj file with the same filename as the file you exported.

Thanks, and have fun!